We have been doing our '10 Deeds In 10 Days' with BHUC to raise Food and Money for the Yakima Vet Center, YWCA, Selah Food Bank and Rod's House! We still have 2 more events left with KATS!The Bike Run is this Saturday kicking it off at Owens at ten but tonight is Manic Thunder Improv with our very own Aaron from the Big Show with Todd E. Lyons Esq. and Timmy From Timmy's Basement, along with Scott McLaughlin, Justin Mateo, Julie Chacon, & Perry Peltier who make up the rest of Manic Thunder!  Bring some food, cans, cereal whatever and get  some cash off of your ticket! They are doing two Manic Thunder shows (and if they sell out I say they should do 3!)

Parking is tough, so be sure to get there early!

Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8pm (ages 16 and up) $5 admission but $4 with 2 or more cans of food!

Help us raise Food for a cause! 10 Deeds In 10 Days with BHUC and 94.5 KATS!