No doubt you've heard by now that Facebook bought Instagram for a cool one billion dollars. Yes, one billion. That's a million of a million dollars. Although I'm an Instagram user, I use it because I'm not a photo wizard and I don't claim to be. Sometimes enough is too much. Here are some famous pictures that would be ruined if you put an Instagram filter on them.

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    Tiananmen Square

    1989 saw this picture of some dude standing up to a fleet of tanks. Along with filters that Instragram provides, they also have the ability to give your photo a 'tiltshift' feature to focus on a specific area and blur out the rest, giving some pictures of toy-like feel. This picture certainly doesn't have the same impact when tiltshift is activated to focus on the tanks while using the 'Kelvin' filter.

    tiananmen square
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    Lock Ness Monster

    This iconic picture of one the world's favorite mythical beasts would be dullified further by taking this black and white photo and adding the 'Amaro' filter to smooth out any small details the existing picture had in the first place.

    Loch Ness Monster
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    Lunar Walk

    In 1969, Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon as this picture was taken. I'm glad it was 1969 and not 2012 because if it was, you can be sure that they could've taken one of the most beautiful picture ever taken and used 'Sutro' filter to make seem even more darken, dull and void of life.

    Lunar Walk, NASA
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    V-Day Kiss in Time Square

    Apparently, this picture features two complete strangers during Victory Day after WWII. How do you take this classic photo and ruin it in it's beauty? Easy! Add the 'Toaster' filter to give it unnecessary colorization.

    V-Day Kiss, TIME
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    The Attacks Of 9/11

    The skies couldn't be more blue on September 11th, 2001. If this happened today, people would start snapping pictures and give it some Instragram filters like 'Walden' one I used. The contract seems to still be there, but the colors are a little more vivid, whey they don't need to be. It's almost like applying a filter because it's free, and not because they should.