To the best of my knowledge, our fair City of Yakima doesn't have a theme song. So, in the best interest of the greatest city of all time (yes, of all time) here are some songs that could be Yakima's theme song.

  • The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop

    The intro of this song gets you pumped up - ready to do something. If you ask around, it seems like the people of Yakima get a bit lazy when it comes to doing stuff. This song will get them going.

  • Rainier Beer Theme Song

    Nothing connects to the local people more than Rainier beer. It was a staple in most refridgerators and the legacy continues today. The majestic sounds of this old commercial from the 70s would be a great fit for Yakima.

  • Sick Puppies - Riptide

    The lyrics "I won't justify the way I live my life 'Cause I'm the one livin' it" just about sums it up on why this should be the theme song of Yakima. We get a lot of heat from other cities on what we do and the way we do things. They don't live here, they're not us.

  • Less Than Jake - Does the Lion City Still Roar?

    Yakima has kind of a bad rep from other cities as kind of a 'crime hub.' The lyrics in the song ("Fade to backdrops of drums and gunshots") express that.

  • "The Flintstones" Theme Song

    I've heard a familiar saying around Yakima "Welcome to Yakima - Set your clocks back 20 years." If we were to embrace this phrase as many have, The Flintstones theme song could be a great fit.