Recently, when Washington state passed the same-sex marriage bill, there were several that were opposed to this. The main complaint I've heard was usually something about "the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman." As if they were more concerned about changing the dictionary term of a word than they were of a couple of dudes or chicks marrying each other.

Well, according to Webster's Dictionary, marriage can be "the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage." If we're not allowed to have gay marriage or same-sex marriage, what else should be banish from our language because they don't follow their dictionary definition?. Here are five things that aren't what we say they are.

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    White Chocolate

    Although white chocolate does contain cocoa butter, the Food and Drug Administration doesn't consider white chocolate as a chocolate. They could call it anything else - white confectionery, white bark, I'm not sure, whatever's clever, so long as you give me some.

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    Koala Bear

    Koala's aren't bears, they're marsupials. Bears are huge carnivore mammals. Marsupials are, well, not.

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    Funny Bone

    You probably already knew this one, but it's worth putting on this list. The funny bone isn't a bone, it's caused by a nerve - and it sure as hell isn't funny.

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    The Hundred Years War

    Although it lasted over a hundred years (116 to be exact), it wasn't exactly 100 years. To be fair, it's close enough. If I had 116 grains of rice, for instance, I would say I had about 100, not 116. The opportunity of anyone asking me how many grains of rice has yet to happen, if you're wondering.

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    To take a stab at myself, people still call us DJs which stands for Disc Jockey. Once upon a time, sure, we were 'disc jockeys'. We would literally play discs, whether it's records or cds and "ride" them, in a non-literal way, talking over the song intros and outros. Now a days it's all digital. We upload the songs we want to play and go from there. I guess DJ could stand for 'digital jockey' but then we'd lose the dictionary definition so No Deal.