WWE's Royal Rumble event coming up this Sunday is my most favorite WWE Pay-Per-View of the year. Being a huge fan of video games I'm going to amp myself up by playing a few classic WWE/WWF video games. Here are my top 5 favorite WWE games that feature the 'Royal Rumble' mode.

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    WWE '12

    by THQ for Xbox 360 and PS3

    I gotta start with the most recent edition of the WWE video game franchise. Basically, it's updated everything. The most current roster, the best graphics on any of the WWE games I've ever seen, not just the old graphics imported from the previous game. When getting my Royal Rumble on, I gotta start with WWE '12. You may have good luck using Mark Henry or The Big Show.

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    WWF Royal Rumble

    by LJN for Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo

    As the name implies, this game not only features a Royal Rumble option, but was the first to do so. Like the other titles they only allow a certain number of wrestlers in the ring at any given time. Then, once one is eliminated, another comes in. Depending on how you're positioned to the ropes you can either hiptoss them over the top or, if their back is too the ropes, give them an atomic drop over the top rope. If you have a 2nd player, the easiest thing to do is irish whip them into the other player and have them give them a big ol' hip toss without having to wear them down first. No create-a-wrestler in this classic title so whomever you want to use is fine. I'll go with Tatanka or Mr. Perfect on this one.

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    WWE Day of Reckoning

    by THQ for Nintendo Game Cube

    I had a lot of fun with this title when it first came out. Mainly because it was the most similar to the gameplay of WWF No Mercy. Easy to pick up and play or you could take time and master every element of your surroundings. This game introduced a young and up-and-coming superstar named John Cena when he was a white-boy rapper. Even the commercial had him wrapping about how cool this game was. I couldn't tell you if his mad rhymes were "illl", but this game was certainly cool for it's time. Going for Royal Rumble supremacy, you gotta go with The Undertaker or Triple H.

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    WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain

    by THQ for Playstation 2

    There were many WWE games on the Playstation 2, but this may be the best of them all. Featuring Brock Lesnar on the front cover, this game is about as action packed as you'll get from any wrestling game. The current line-up of wrestlers at the time were all impact, themselves. Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Chris Benoit, Kane, Big Show, Undertaker (when he was a biker) and more. This game was also first to include the 'bra and panties' match. When doing the Royal Rumble, you gotta go big. I'd say use Brock Lesnar, for sure!

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    WWF No Mercy

    by THQ for Nintendo 64

    What many herald as the greatest wrestling game of all time. WWF No Mercy had a great mix of easy gameplay, difficult to master and a pretty in-depth create-a-wrestler feature for it's time. WWF No Mercy set the new guidelines of what a great wrestling video game should be like. Always funnest in 4-player mode, get Royal Rumbling with a classic all-star line-up back when the current roster included Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and so much more. This game even included the likes of Jim Ross, Michael Cole and even Vince McMahon's daughter Stephanie McMahon as playable characters. Create your own character, or use one of the many available, and start tossing bodies out of the ring. If you can tolerate the frozen faces of the superstars as the camera zooms in as they run to the ring, I know I'll be playing a lot of this game just before the Royal Rumble this Sunday.