We're still trying to figure out whether 5FingaDisKount is an alter ego -- one of Nicholas Freeman's multiple personalities -- or a fully realized hip-hop stage persona.

Like an MC Chris crossed with a relaxed Marshall Mathers, 5FDK has a high-pitched delivery that one might call an acquired taste. His lyrics have plenty of shock value, and in one memorable verse from 'The Raunch,' he describes robbing his one-night stand from the night before, rapping, "'Cause then she noticed I done raided all her s--- / I even took her tampons and her hair clips."

Interestingly, additional listens reveal intelligent nods to the likes of Kid Cudi and Ratatat and a definite appreciation for 2012's hip-hop starchild, Danny Brown. We asked the Denmark rapper about his live show as 5FingaDisKount, and he painted a typically colorful picture.

"[Laughs] Yeah, people seem to like this moronic monster of mine," he says. "I perform in a bare-midriff 'Got Meth' t-shirt, a white S&M mask with zippers on [the] eyes and mouth and an old-school USSR admiral hat ... Don't forget the brand new fresh Air Force Ones."

Apparently, this hasn't scratched the ambitious performer's creative itch, though, as he went on, "Hopefully, my new band, Christ & the Crackbabies, will also have something out by end of spring!"

With a frontman like 5FingaDisKount and a name like 'Christ & the Crackbabies,' we can only begin to imagine what were in store for. In the meantime, check out 'The Raunch' below.

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