In response to the devastation that occurred in White Swan over the weekend, it occurred to us that there are no relief donation drop-off locations in Yakima.  That is why we would like to have you feel free to drop-off ANY donations to the KATS studios at 4010 Summitview in Yakima.

We will make a minimum of one daily run to White Swan to get those items to the folks most in need at this time.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  If you need drop something off before or after hours, call the KATS studio at 972-KATS (5287) and we’ll try our best to make arrangements!

94.5 KATS

* White Swan Methodist Church.

* Winter House in White Swan.

* The Trading Post in White Swan.

* EZ bucks in Toppenish and Wapato.

* Top Stop in Toppenish.

* The Yakama Nation has set up a bank account at Bank of America called White Swan Fire Relief Fund.

Here is a list of needed items:

Canned meat (tuna, chicken, salmon, etc.)                                      Toothbrushes
Soup, stew, ramen, shelf-stable meals                                                     Toothpaste
Canned or powdered milk                                                                 Denture cleanser
Fruit in cans or cups                                                                                       Mouthwash
Crackers (graham, saltines)                                        Feminine hygiene products
Canned cheese                                                                                                   Deodorant
Peanut butter, honey, jam or jelly                                          Soap, bars or pump
Applesauce in jars or cups                                                                    Hand sanitizer
Canned vegetables, beans, chili                     Shampoo, conditioner,gel, spray
Potatoes, freeze-dried or canned                                       Contact solution, case
Dried beans, lentils                                                         Diapers, ointment, powder
Pasta, sauce in cans or jars                      Hairbrush, comb, clips, elastic bands
Bottled water                                                   Laundry soap, Downie, dryer sheets
Baby formula                                                             Bread, bagels, muffins, tortillas
Cat or dog food