pic by Timmy!

I'm all for a good April fools joke, one year Jondis & I crammed the bosses personal bathroom full of news paper, only for me to find 6 hours later, all that news paper was put into my car. I didn't get mad, I laughed. But when you do a joke, don't do it 12 days later! Sunday night working in the KATS studio, I spilled some soda. Now, I'm a guy, a manly man if you will, but with my wife standing right there, I didn't spit into the paper towel in order to clean the mess, I did the right thing. I reached under our counter, grabbed a spray can to clean the mess, usually Lysol or Pledge etc. Sprayed it, started cleaning, next thing I know, the paper towel is ripped to shreds and my hand is stuck to the counter! Who the hell puts Spray Adhesive with the rest of the cleaning supplies??? Planned or just accidental storage, it don't matter, I got punked! I'm summing it up as a Happy Late April Fools To Me!