When Nintendo released the Game Boy in August of 2012. It's hard to say when it was actually released because it came out during a time in video game history when titles didn't have specific release dates, they just kind of came out when they came out. I was just a huge Nintendo freak that when I learned I could take my games on the go and, more importantly, I could play video games in the bathroom, my life would change for ever.

I didn't get one when they first came out. In 1989 I didn't have a job so all of my video games were from my parents so I had to wait for my birthday or Christmas. In this case, it was my birthday after Christmas. It came with Tetris which was one of my favorites at the time, as well as most of America, and a couple of other games. The problem with the Game Boy wasn't so much that it was black and white (or green for the original) but if something moved to fast, whether it was Mario running or throwing a football, it would blur so I couldn't see it too well. Puzzle games like Tetris worked out okay so I stuck with those for the most part.

The Game Boy was my first handheld system (not including Tiger handhelds they used to sell at Radio Shack) and I still have it today. It doesn't work as well as it used to, but it does still work and looks great with the rest of my other Game Boys including the Game Boy Advance and newer Nintendo DS systems.

If only they made Angry Birds back then... Do you still have your old Game Boy?