On a grey, dreary wet and rainy day such as today, I'm quickly reminded how lucky we are to live in the Yakima Valley where the sun shines nearly 300 days a year.  At least, according to the old number touted for many years by the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors and Convention Bureau.

I don't need to tell you that we receive far less rainfall per year than our neighbors to the west in Seattle.  You may, however, be surprised to find out what cities actually receive MORE rain than the Emerald City.

According to this handy-dandy website, Yakima gets around 8 inches of rain a year, while Seattle gets dumped on to the tune of 37.

What shocked me was that Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas got the same amount yearly as Seattle - the U.S. city best known for copious amounts of rain!

A few other cities that - surprising to me, at least -  get as much or more than Sea-town include:

Kansas City, MO - 37 in.
Portland, OR - 37 in.
Portland, ME - 45 in.
St. Louis, MO - 38 in.
Indianapolis, IN - 40 in.
Tulsa, OK - 42 in.
Little Rock, AR - 50 in.

As my grandmother used to say when, as kids, we would venture out into the rain, "Don't forget to wear your rubbers!" 

Those words have served me well on both rainy AND sunny days!