With St. Patrick's Day falling on a weekend this year (Sunday, March 17th) most restaurants, bars and pubs will be teeming with revelers who are all Irish for, at least, one day.

As the grandson of an Irishman myself whose family considers this holiday one of the top of the calendar year, I have certainly spent my fair share partying every March 17th.

Here are some of my top picks in Yakima to spend your holiday at:

5.) Bill's Place - (206 South 3rd Street)


If nothing more than the fact that they have a green shamrock on their marquee, spending St. Patrick's Day at Bill's will definitely give you the pub vibe.  Bill's has a full bar as well as a number of different beers and ales on tap and in bottles.  They always have eclectic bands performing (Rod Giles Band, Shivering Denizens, Aghori, etc.).
Loud, crowded, fun and one of the few places in town with kegs to go!

4.) Gasperetti's Restaurant and G Spot Lounge - (1013 North 1st Street)


While it is an ITALIAN restaurant, Gasperetti's Restaurant and G Spot Lounge has been a mainstay in Yakima since 1943.  A bit more upscale, John Gasperetti's family has been pleasing patrons for decades and are inviting all to "Party Hard, St. Patty's Day Style on Saturday,March 16th with drink specials all night long."

3.) Bert's Pub - (5110 Tieton Drive)


The first brewpub in the United States following the prohibition of alcohol, brewer Bert Grant's Scottish legacy can still be felt today in the pub bearing his name.  "Grant's Pub" became "Bert's" after his passing, but the feel and the heritage remain strong.  The menu also includes a corned beef sandwich as well as grinders which are traditional Irish food.

2.) Bob's Keg & Cork - (27 North Front Street)

Facebook, Bob's Keg & Cork

Owner Bob Hargreaves is the most charismatic bar or pub owner I have ever encountered.  His "accent," voice and easy style make you feel like you have been coming into his joint your whole life, even if it is your first time.  I LOVE the fact that they use U.K. style cask pumps for a more authentic draught.  I recommend getting a Boddington's ale there and enjoy historic downtown Yakima.

1.) McGuire's Irish Restaurant and Pub - 4807 Tieton Dr. (next to Jack-son's)


Easily the most authentic Irish pub in Yakima, McGuire's celebrates the luck 'o the Irish year round.  It's the only place I have found where I can get a pint of Guiness served properly (slightly below room temperature.)
If you plan to enjoy something off of their menu or listen to traditional Irish music whilst downing a shot of Bushmill's, I highly suggest getting there EARLY as McGuire's (like most great pubs) is small in size.

Happy St. Patty's Day!