Ben Swann is a journalist who speaks truth to power.  I first became aware of him when he was doing an in-depth segment called "Reality Check" at a Fox affiliate in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Earlier this morning, I had the opportunity to ask this now independent reporter why the mainstream media seems to never give us the whole truth about a story.  I also asked why, in his opinion, does the media seem to only present stories about seemingly trivial topics.

His answers were revealing and surprising.

It is my belief, as well as Ben's, that the media - in a properly functioning society - is to be a "watchdog to stand in the gap between the people and government."
To that point, Mr. Swann told us about two major national stories that he was the first journalist to uncover, including President Obama's "kill list" as well as the volatile I.R.S. scandal that targeted groups based on political affiliations.

You will also hear why Swann thinks that the media needs to be more questioning and more combative.

Ben Swann, and his "Truth In Media" campaign, can be followed on Facebook and on his website at