Before you get too far into this, a warning; There will be an angry Seahawk rant here. So if you're of the opinion that Seahawks fans should "get over it," then just stop reading halfway.

The Best Super Bowl

My vote goes for Super Bowl XXIII. Three minutes left, 92 yards from the end zone and Joe Montana takes the Niners down to beat the Bengals. (Yes kids, the Bengals used to be pretty good!) I know what you're saying. Super Bowl III and Joe Namath! Super Bowl XXXVI and Tom Brady! Super Bowl XXV and Scott Norwood. And on and on. First off, I am too young to remember Joe Namath and I can only assume that the Colts didn't take that game seriously at all. And Tom Brady was in a tie ball game (Montana and the Niners were trailing) and only drove the Pats to a field goal. And who wants to remember the best Super Bowl for a failure? Here's a great recap of that final Montana drive.

The Worst Super Bowl

Is there any doubt? Really? Super Bowl XL took what should have been a golden moment in a Seahawk fans life and turned it into a golden shower moment as the refs dropped trow and proceeded to whizz all over the Hawks. I have been told to get over it. Would you tell a Chicago Cubs fan to get over it? And I don't even the Michael Jordan and Mike Ditka eras to help ease my pain. If you want to relive the pain, here's a video that doesn't include the awful call on Hasselbeck, but has other equally offensive calls.