Time and time again I see many post's on the "Top One Hundred Guitarist", "The Best Guitarist's Of All Time", so on and so on. Half of them I have never even heard of or did know them and couldn't believe they made the top 100 at all. The ones that I have never heard of I certainly went and checked them out. Most were very good but still didn't get me in the "Gut" with the playing. So this is my take of the top 10 guitar players Per Me, and the reasons why. It is a mixture of Rock, Classic Rock and Metal.

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    Eddie Van Halen

    Van Halen

    Eddie Van Halen had his influences that is for sure. But his guitar playing is completely different than anyone else. His solo's stand out and you know its him shredding on the Frankenstein! The first time I saw Van Halen live was at a Monsters Of Rock tour in 1983. The line up was unbelievable from Metallica to the headlining Van Halen and Scorpions. But when Eddie started playing I completely forgot about all of the other bands until I thought about it again the next day. In fact David Lee Roth could have never sang another word the rest of the show as far as I am concerned! The Short, Eddie Van Halen and his Frankenstein stole the show! Now he is most peoples influence.

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    Randy Rhodes

    Quiet Riot, Ozzy

    Although I did not ever get to see Randy live, watching him on any video is just jaw dropping. Like Eddie, Randy's guitar playing makes me turn up the song only when it is on the solo! Ozzy is cool but his guitar players are better! HA!

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    Vivian Campbell

    Def Leppard, Dio

    Vivian Campbell has made Def Leppard's sound extremely original. As many times as I have seen Def Leppard, again the signer really doesn't even need to sing. But Vivians best work is with Ronnie James Dio. Rainbow in the dark is one of the best solos ever!

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    Criss Oliva


    I like Criss Oliva because he did things with a guitar that a lot of 80's rockers didn't do. He stands out and give's Savatage such a unique 80's metal sound.

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    Zakk Wylde

    Ozzy, Black Label Society

    Zakk Wylde has such a unique sound again just like the top 4. Know one will every be able to actually mimic him. His recorded solo have nothing on watching Mr. Wylde live