Out of all the game systems I have, out of all of them I will ever get in the future, the original 8-bit Nintendo, or NES, will always be my favorite system of all time. It was just about perfect in my eyes. Many of the most popular games of all time came from Nintendo like the Mega Man series, Castlevania and more. But, certainly, with all of those Nintendo games through the years, chances are you probably passed on several of them. Not I, I played anything and everything I could get my hands on. Looking through my pile of NES games, I grabbed my 10 favorite games that you may or may not have played.

In no particular order:

Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom

This game is one of my favorites. A Point n' Click style game that has you as Sir Cucumber walking around the Salad Kingdom looking for Princess Tomato. All of other characters are fruits or veggies as well. Boss battles (of which there are 3 or 4) involve playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Zombie Nation

In this game, you play a giant, floating head that shooting building and tanks as you fly through a city. Good luck finding this one, it's rarity prices around $200 on eBay.

Yo! Noid

Basically, a huge commercial for Domino's using their mascot at the time. It's actually quite a fun platformer where the end of each level has you eating pizza in a vs. mode that challenges your math skills.

Tiny Toons Cartoon Workshop

This 'game' is more of a movie maker. You take the popular (at the time) Tiny Toon character animation and place them on a timeline, walking around or doing goofy things. My friends and I would spend hours making our own cartoons.

Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum

This game deserves an award for weirdest title of any NES game, for sure. This game is one of my guilty pleasures. Admittedly, I'm not sure what I'm doing in this game. I just go in the rooms, collect everything I can, kill anything I can, and leave while pushing boxes around to get to each room.

Destiny of an Emperor

NES has plenty of RPGs like Final Fantasy and the Dragon Warrior series. This one from Capcom amazed me a bit as it was based around the Han Dynasty era of ancient China so you get to have fun and have a little history lesson (though I'm not sure if the game was accurate to it's history).

North and South

Based on the Civil War, this was best played as a two-player game. Pick your side and make or re-write history on infiltration, battle ground wars and more. Such a fun game.

A Boy and his Blob

You may have passed this up because the graphics were lousy, but now that you've changed your philosophy, that graphics aren't what makes a good game, you should revisit this. The gameplay is a little loose, but the idea that you have to feed your pet blob jellybeans to advance through the levels is a fun, innovative idea.

Monster Party

Another great platformer featuring creative bosses. You hit guys with your bat, or turn into a flying dragon monster sometimes (never mind why). It has all the ingredients of a great NES game.

Clash at Demonhead

Although this classic game became popular for a little recently when it was the name of the rival band on Scott Pilgrim, it really is a fun game, too. I never beat it, but still have it on my bucket list. Lots of items to upgrade, great cartoony graphics and a free-roaming world that has you back-tracking often.

What were your favorite NES games?