Throwing a bachelor party in Yakima may seem like there's not too many options. Sure, everyone goes to Las Vegas, but maybe you don't have the cash for it; not to mention you don't feel like getting frisky with a TSA agent. Maybe you just don't know where to go. If your buddy is getting hitched, here are a few places to have a bachelor party in Yakima.

Why not kick it off at Jack-son's Sports Bar and Clubhouse Lounge? More often than not there's also a bachelorette party going on here on the weekend. Split in two, when you walk in you've got killer food (the homemade potato chips are awesome), good beer, shoot some pool or watch a game on their giant flatscreens. If that kills your buzz, step in the back room where they have the clubhouse lounge and get your dance on. Live DJs playing something you can shake your tail-feather to and some stiff drinks always make for a good time at Jack-sons.

The Riverside in Umatilla, OR

Okay, it's a bachelor party so we know what you're looking for. Make a quick jaunt to Umatilla, OR for probably the closest, legal stripclub around, The Riverside Sports Bar and Lounge. How sleazy is this place? They still have an active myspace page - that ought to tell you something. I've known several people that are regulars here and it's actually not bad - especially by Umatilla standards. If you're looking for flesh for your bachelor party, The Riverside in Umatilla is probably the closest you'll find.

Some good ol' clean fun with some good ol' bowling at Nob Hill Bowling. What we love about bowling is that anyone can do it under any circumstances and at most alcohol levels. Bowling is a universal sport and universal fun for any occasion so you can totally go bowling during your bachelor party. You can still drink, have fun and throw some gutters before you end the night throwing up in a gutter.

Sure, you can hit up a bar here and there, but with the convenience of what's called the BARmuda Triangle, you can hit up all 3 within crawling distance of each other. The BARmuda Triangle consists of The Sports Center, The Speakeasy, and Brews & Cues, each a block away from each other. Shoot some stick at Brews & Cues, check out some live music and drinks at The Sports Center and finish off some grubbin' food at The Speakeasy. All your bachelor party needs are taken care of with the BARmuda in downtown Yakima.

Your Mom's Basement

Why not get a bunch of your buddy's together and play video games, watch porn and eat pizza in your mom's basement? It's what you've probably been doing for the past 25 years anyways. Once you get married you won't have the luxury of not paying bills, staying up until 8am watch a 'Lost' marathon and having one of those pesky "jobs" you keep hearing about. You'll need to make a conscious effort to be a grown-up so relive this experience one final time and make it count.

We know we left out a few places that would make a kick-ass bachelor party.. Where have you gone that worked?