I'm a beer drinker. The end. I don't drink hard alcohol anymore as it hurts my stomach, even in small doses (no matter how delicious) and I can't drink wine as it makes me look like an asshole so beer is my preferred drink of choice. Living in the Yakima valley there's no lack of places to buy beer of all kinds - from lagers to IPAs to stouts and all points in between. When I'm looking to stock up my fridge, here are the best places to buy beer in Yakima. These are the places you'll find me often.

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    The Beer Shoppe

    302 W. Yakima Ave (next to the old Talcott's)

    My most favorite place to go in Yakima is The Beer Shoppe. They just moved to their new location on Yakima ave and have a little bit of everything. I wouldn't recommend buying a 6-pack of anything as they sell by the bottle, but that gives you the chance to sample anything you've seen without buying the whole 6-pack.

    My most favorite thing they do there is fill growlers. You can get a 64oz jug filled with draft beer so you can have beer off the tap at home. They always have several varieties to choose from, too, and can sample or get a pint of something while you're there.

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    Deep Sea Deli

    Scarborough Fair - 20 N. 9th Ave

    When I first started getting into beer, and I mean "beer", the Deep Sea Deli in Scarborough Fair was about the only place I knew I could go to find a decent selection of beer that wasn't just bud, coors or corona. They don't have the biggest selection in town, but they still carry a decent amount that's pre-chilled in their fridge. If you're at Deep Sea Deli getting some landjaeger, grab a bottle of Oatmeal Stout and you're good for just about anything.

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    72nd and Tieton

    Proof that you can find some pretty good beer at a grocery store. Fortunately for Yakima, most of our grocery stores carry a good selection of beer but one of my favorite selections is at Rosauers. Good variety of 6-packs including seasonal and unique beers that I can't find at other places. Also, since you're at Rosauers, you can compliment the beer you're picking up with something awesome from their bakery. Beer and Cupcakes; sounds like an evening to me!

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    2310 off of Valley Mall Blvd.

    When you're looking for quantity or quality, but you don't want to sacrifice too much quality, ain't nothing wrong with buying at Costco. Actually, that Kirkland beer isn't too shabby. They have other beer available as well, but if you're at Costco, it's all about the Kirkland brand. Consider it if you're at Costco anyways and needing to stock up for the weekend.

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    Rite Aid

    24th and Nob Hill, 56th and Summitview and Scarborough Fair

    Seriously?! Yes! Rite Aid does have a few beers to choose from including a few of those 1 pint 6 oz bottles in the fridge. Often times they're even on sale. I don't think I'd ever make the special trip to Rite Aid just to buy beer but if I'm there anyways picking up some cold medication, a gift for my nephew and some half price seasonal candy, I'll always check the beer section to see what's on sale.