Dogs are about as human as you can get without being a human. I believe dogs are more human-like than any ape. You hear from people who love their pets "my dogs are my kids" and nobody knows this more than my friend Jeremy and his dog Walter. He treats Walter better than most of my friends treat their wife, kids or any family member. Dogs like getting out of the house as much as anyone, but where can you take them? Jeremy wanted to share a few of his favorite places with you.

No list of places to bring your dog wouldn't be complete without at least one park. Yakima Greenway is probably the best in Yakima to bring your dog as it's not only a fun place but also key in their development. Socialization of your dog with other dogs is a foundation of raising a well dispositioned dog that won't freak out in public. Dogs learn manners quickly from the pack. Aside from being one of the largest parks in Yakima, The Yakima Greenway has an off leash dog park where dogs can mix with each other and play together (legally).

There isn't a much more fun, relaxing and serene time than playing at the beach. Although we're a few hours away from the Pacific Ocean, you don't need to travel that far to play with your dogs at the beach. Located on Rimrock lake, Silver Beach Resort has always been accommodating of dogs when we stay there for lodging. They offer a $5 dog upgrade, which allows you to have a dog stay in the room with you.

Conveniently on the corner of 48th and Nob Hill, Rush Coffee is a great place to bring your dog. When you're driving through getting your drink of choice, they also have small dog treats for your canine passengers. They make great coffee and drinks for the owners, too. My wife is especially fond of the coconut Italian cream soda - extra cream, of course.

No stop to Toys R Us would be complete about a quick stop next door to PetSmart. On Washington Ave. near 14th street, PetSmart has just about everything you could possibly need for any of your pets, but my family and I like to go here because they're dog friendly. So long as they're on a leash, they happily let owners come in and shop while mingling and perhaps flirting with the other dogs.

Although there's probably a health violation on bringing your non-service dogs inside restaurants, there's nothing against them from hanging out with you outside if outdoor seating is available. Miner's in Union Gap is great for this. I can rarely finish by double miner w/ cheese and large fries as it is. It's nice when you have a friend who will finish your plate for you.

These are just a few places, but not nearly all. Where do you like to bring your dogs?