In a sleazy underworld full of throbbing perversion, there is a counterculture of sex fiend that exists, which not only wishes to engage in the nipple-biting taboos of the flesh, but they are also willing to drop their life savings trying to obtain such unusual fruits of Babylon – or in this case, Brazil. 

Sexonico, which is apparently a twisted little sex-cult for necrophilia enthusiasts or simply the manufacturer of high-end sex toys, is currently auctioning off a one-night stand with a life-like, virgin sex doll named Valentina. So far, the highest bid for a chance to pop the silicon cherry of this brunette play date stands at more than $105,000.

And while some may scoff at the idea of spending over $100,000 just to bone a sex doll, the manufactures of this seductive sex puppet claims that this beauty comes with all the “important” features of a real woman, as well as a few that are traditionally hard to find. Not only does Valentina’s skin have the same texture as human skin, she is also waterproof, and will take any level of punishment in every orifice of her body without uttering a single complaint!

Strangely, the winner of this auction not only gets to bang a Muppet but also receives an all-expense paid trip to Sao Paulo, a one night stay in a five-star hotel, a candlelight dinner for one (because Valentina doesn’t eat much…food, that is) and some “special lingerie” for the dummy – we mean, lady.

We've seen photos of this high-dollar sex doll and, unfortunately, we're nowhere near impressed enough to shell out that kind of coin for a roll in the hay with something we may or may not be allergic to. Perhaps it is in our best interest to keep sticking what we know -- Pucker-Up Peggy dolls made of plastic that cost about twenty bucks.