I think that after a year of not going fishing and camping I was going to die! HA But I am now cured! We went this weekend up Chinook pass and it was the best time!

We went with my Fiance Bubba's brothers and mom.  We also took my great friend Amber Clietts daughter.

It is interesting how picky some kids can be. But when we are camping they forget all of that! They will pretty much eat anything and do anything!

Payge and Zoe have there own little quirkys but all of that goes out the window when camping.  We went to a little spot just off of the beaten path with my mans family and then we went to Squaw Rock Resort on Sunday.

There was a swimming pool so the kids did some serious swimming all Sunday afternoon! I wish I could broadcast live everyday camping from a new location. "RoadRage In The Mountains"! Sounds fun to me!