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Yakima Needs Your Help In Finding The Worst Potholes In The City
This year's snow has piled up and lasted longer than expected, and that has caused issues on the streets of Yakima.
The City Of Yakima has a forum to report a damaged street sign, graffiti, pothole, or street light that is burned you can help the city identify these structural brea…
KATS Helping Local Food Bank Recover From Robbery
As we talked about the robbery that occurred over the weekend at a local food bank, I was shaking physically I was so upset.
I have been the dad standing in a line of 40 or more people desperate just to have enough food to make it through the week...
5 Places Locals Eat In Yakima
Let's face it, making the choice to brown bag it or leave the office for lunch is a lot easier these days. From the new Dickey's or Chipotle, it is nice to have choices, but nothing beats that place you and your friends eat a few times a month that you just can't find in other cities.…

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