Best Of Yakima

God Has A Sense Of Humor
I stopped going to church years ago because frankly I just don't believe God is real. That said, on the off chance that I'm wrong, this beats the hell out of "Beer is proof that God is real and wants us to be happy."
Bizarre Bathroom Habits
Having been to my requisite share of men's rooms I've seen my share of cartoon anatomy and pithy sayings like "If you can pee above this line the fire department is looking for you". What I haven't seen however is a water cup sitting next to a half used roll of toile…
In Yakima You Can’t Escape The 12’s
In a blog I wrote on March 12th I talked about many of the homemade displays of Seahawks "12" logos you'll find throughout the Yakima Valley. Ironically Todd and I just drove back yesterday afternoon after a day at the Seattle Seahawks training camp at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in…

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