Foos & Brews: Guess This Beer and Win AOT and Maybe Foos Tickets!
Lotta people have a taste for beer -- but how's your eye? Can you tell a porter from a pilsner just by looking?
Take a gander at this tasty-looking glass of beer, then take a guess at what style it is. Call Todd and Andy when you know -- 972-5287
Get it right and you'll win yourself a pair of tickets …
Last Stop on the Kid Rock Trailer Park Treasure Hunt [VIDEO]
Wellsir, here's the end of the road.
After a week of rocking around some of the Yakima Valley's most exclusive mobile neighborhoods, the Kid Rock Trailer Park Treasure Hunt is down to its last set of tickets.
This one's got a little twist -- and here's a key clue: The Kid Rock tick…
Be The First To Guess Where This Urinal Is To Win
In the photo above I availed myself of the "facilities" in a public place. If you're the first person on our Facebook page to correctly guess where this is we'll hook you up with a KATS T-Shirt. We'll announce the winner, if there is one, tomorrow morning on the Todd…
Win The Opportunity To Be A 94.5 KATS-FM DJ For A Day!
How would you like to have the opportunity to be a DJ on your favorite radio station? Well here's your chance! Complete our latest KATS Rock Rater music survey and we'll automatically put you in a drawing to win the opportunity to host your own one-time 4 hour show on 94...
First KATS Child Support Payout Goes to Granger
Let's be clear here: Annette Sampson isn't asking Tony Torres for any child support, and she doesn't owe any herself.
Still, the Granger couple say they'll find good use for the $1,000 they won Friday morning in KATS' cash contest, KATS WIll Pay Your Child Support...

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