94.5’s Best Little Drummer Boy of Rock — Round 4 [VOTE]
We're separating the men from the boys now. And when you look at the last four guys standing in 94.5's Best Little Drummer Boy of Rock contest (well, sitting -- they're drummers, after all), you're seeing some of rock best.
Working down from our original list of rock's 3…
94.5’s Best Little Drummer Boy of Rock — Round 3 [VOTE]
If it this were college basketball's March Madness tournament, we'd be at the Elite Eight round.
But we'll call this ... well, the Elite Eight, we guess. We can't think of anything else at the moment.
Anyway, our original list of rock's 32 best drummers is now down to eig…
94.5’s Best Little Drummer Boy of Rock — Round 1 [VOTE]
Rockers have been banging heads over who the best drummers are since cavemen stumbled onto the idea of banging clubs on rocks ... or yak heads or whatever the first drums were.
So KATS figured it was time to take another whack. Only this time, if you jump into the argument, you just might win yoursel…
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