Best Memes Ever (This Week)
Updating your 2017 meme calendar
— meme (@SupplierofMemes) May 23, 2017
Fake news from dankmemes
There will be no escape for the princess this time. from dankmemes
Everyone loves the milkshake duck meme
*5 minutes later*
Hendo’s Top 5 Mexican Places To Eat
Look, I admit to being more of a Tex-Mex fan than the usual slight, subtle flavor many of Washington's Mexican restaurants offer.
The longer I live here, though, the more I love a few local spots.
This is not meant to be the end-all-be-all list of Mexican places here in Yakima, just a fun look at…
Who Is the Next Famous Chuck To Die?
There is a belief that celebrities always die in groups of three. There is some evidence that points to that, and then there's logic that refutes it.
I'm not sure if I believe it is preordained or destiny but if I were a famous dude named Chuck right now, I'd be a little bit nervous.
5 Places Locals Eat In Yakima
Let's face it, making the choice to brown bag it or leave the office for lunch is a lot easier these days. From the new Dickey's or Chipotle, it is nice to have choices, but nothing beats that place you and your friends eat a few times a month that you just can't find in other cities.…
The Top 3 Drunkest Streets In Yakima [POLL]
Someone asked me if I knew the "drunkest street in Yakima," and I was like, "I dunno! You're asking the WRONG person for the answer to that question, ha, ha, ha!"
So I asked my friends on Facebook for their opinions, and below I present to you the rankings bas…

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