Best Memes Ever (This Week)
Updating your 2017 meme calendar
— meme (@SupplierofMemes) May 23, 2017
Fake news from dankmemes
There will be no escape for the princess this time. from dankmemes
Everyone loves the milkshake duck meme
*5 minutes later*
Hendo’s Top 5 Mexican Places To Eat
Look, I admit to being more of a Tex-Mex fan than the usual slight, subtle flavor many of Washington's Mexican restaurants offer.
The longer I live here, though, the more I love a few local spots.
This is not meant to be the end-all-be-all list of Mexican places here in Yakima, just a fun look at…
Henderson’s Celebrity Death Pool 2017
A lot of my childhood heroes and artists have been dying off in a massive wave the past few years.
A lot of this is the fact that I am no longer a spring chicken myself, but some have come as huge shockers.
Who Is the Next Famous Chuck To Die?
There is a belief that celebrities always die in groups of three. There is some evidence that points to that, and then there's logic that refutes it.
I'm not sure if I believe it is preordained or destiny but if I were a famous dude named Chuck right now, I'd be a little bit nervous.
5 Places Locals Eat In Yakima
Let's face it, making the choice to brown bag it or leave the office for lunch is a lot easier these days. From the new Dickey's or Chipotle, it is nice to have choices, but nothing beats that place you and your friends eat a few times a month that you just can't find in other cities.…
The Top 3 Drunkest Streets In Yakima [POLL]
Someone asked me if I knew the "drunkest street in Yakima," and I was like, "I dunno! You're asking the WRONG person for the answer to that question, ha, ha, ha!"
So I asked my friends on Facebook for their opinions, and below I present to you the rankings bas…
Washington Has the Ninth-Worst Drivers in the Country? I Disagree!
I have driven in just about every state in the United States except Alaska. I have still never been there, but it's on my bucket list. From my travels, I can tell you who has the worst drivers ever. But a study by an online insurance agency, Quote Wizard, came up with a list of its own. I will …
The 10 Most Interesting Buildings In Yakima
This list is sure to create some controversy as I'm sure I'll accidentally leave a well designed building off the list. My apologies to anyone who feels slighted but these are the coolest buildings in Yakima from my perspective as someone who has lived here for a year and a half...

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