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Legendary Comedian Jerry Lewis Dies at 91
Today the world of comedy lost one of its brightest stars. Jerry Lewis was no stranger to controversy during his decades-long career, but his impact on both Hollywood and comedy in general cannot be denied. From his early days as Dean Martin’s partner-in-crime to his career-capping turn in Ma…
Charlie Sheen’s ‘9/11’ Trailer Is… Well, It’s Here
It was kind of inevitable that noted 9/11 truther Charlie Sheen would make a movie about that day, but it’s a little surprising that not only Gina Gershon, but Whoopi Goldberg would both agree to star in it. Not surprising: the trailer for Sheen’s 9/11 is shockingly, impressively bad.
Hendo’s Corner: Best 4th Of July Movies
Everybody has a list of favorite Christmas movies, but I have a few films that I love to watch over the 4th Of July weekend.
Feel free to disagree, this is by no means "the best list ever" or a definitive list by any stretch. These are just the Top 5 4th Of July movies that I enjoy.…

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