More Flooding Causes Traffic Congestion At 16th Avenue In Yakima
My drive has become hectic these days due to ramp closures at 40th and now water is pouring onto the streets near Lake Aspen.
I tried to leave work today through the 16th avenue exit and discovered that route to be delayed.
A new DOT press release states 16th ave at mile post 102 exit is closed.
Waiting to See Journey + Asia: The In-Line Community Forms Here
Nothing beats the anticipation of a rock concert. When a bunch of people are standing in line, excitedly waiting to see a band they all love, a kind of impromptu community develops.
Think of it as an in-line community.
Here are some of the folks we met Wednesday night while we were all shivering outsi…
Journey, Asia Heat Up the Yakima Valley SunDome [PHOTOS]
So your ears are still ringing this morning and you're so dog-tired that you've already been through three mugs of coffee. You'll live.
And even if you don't, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you at least lived to see one of the best rock shows Yakima's had in years -- Journey and Asia pa…

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