Coolest Damn House In Yakima!
On Saturdays I troll around the Yakima Valley, driving from estate sale to estate sale looking to buy dead people's cool stuff. My travels this past Saturday took me to Terrace Heights, where I saw the coolest house I've seen anywhere in the valley. It looks like a spaceship sitting on top…
16 Halloween Tunes For You – Happy Halloween [VIDEO]
Well, Halloween is here and now it is time to have some spooky fun! I love Halloween because you can dress up! Reesha from 107.3 KFFM and I are the only ones that did today. She is the Owl Princess and I am Rey from Star Wars 7: 'The Force Awakens!'
Taking Your Coins To Coinstar Costs 10.9% Now. Is It Worth It?
Yesterday I emptied all the pennies out of my odds and ends drawer in an effort to clean up my apartment. It turns out that I had exactly $2.00 in pennies. I know this because when I used the Coinstar machine at Walmart it counted up exactly 200 pennies and then I received a printed voucher for $1..…
Todd’s Take: Getting Upsoled At Teh Gass Stayshun
It's nearly impossible to avoid advertising and marketing anymore these days. Website pop-up ads, pre-roll commercials on videos and apps, good 'ol fashioned billboards, radio and TV spots and, now even a trip to the gas station is no longer a safe harbor.
I went to fill up a while back at a combinat…

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