Maverick Goes Hiking
After another history-making week, the Maverick of the Senate went hiking with his daughter.
Not bad for a guy who's also battling brain cancer.
Old man and his daughter on the mountain #Arizona pic.twitter.com/X3ndck2oFq
— John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) July 30, 2017
What better way than to sp…
Hendo’s Corner: Kids Need Year-Round School
School has only been out a week and already kids are bored.
How do I know?
My kids are so bored they leave the bathroom door open while pooping just to keep arguing with siblings that happen to walk by.
While they are pooping.
I do not have any boys, aside from my nephew, but he is with his mother in Se…
Hendo’s Corner: Yakima Can End The Violence
First and foremost, to the officers of the Yakima Police Department, thank you so much for doing the hard work that you do and making the choice to get up and put on a uniform that a lot of us take for granted.
I thank you.
I worry for you and worry about mission creep and the direction that the city&…
Should Gang Members Register Like Sex Offenders? [POLL]
Yakima, you need to sit down. It's time for a family meeting.
Things are not going very well in our city.
Say what you want about elections, but no one has been getting this problem right in Yakima for awhile.
A lot of what ails our community can be summed up by this one map made with Google Maps:

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