Donald Trump Is President – Are You Glad? [POLL]
I am very proud to be a United States Citizen. I am not always happy about who runs for our Commander and Chief but, I do respect the seat. We have entrusted people in our government to help us make these decisions. Donald Trump is now our President Of The United States Of America. That is that.
Do You Still Read The Comic Strips In The Newspaper? [POLL]
When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for my mom and dad to take out the Salt Lake Tribune. It had the best comics in it. They also had fun activities for kids, like coloring and word search. By the time it was my turn to read them and play the games, my brother had always mangled the newspape…
What Yakima Valley Watches On Netflix [POLL]
Watching Netflix is the best. It's inexpensive, and they have everything and anything on there. The only downfall to it is that it takes a whole year to get what you haven't watched, as far as TV shows are concerned. However, Netflix has their own originals as well. Some of those beat out …
Pit Bull Ban: 30 Years Isn’t Enough, Yakima? [POLL]
I was very surprised that Yakima decided to continue its moratorium on pit bulls. They would not even talk about bringing it up for a vote.
Stray dogs are a big enough problem right now, so even addressing the three-decade ban was not considered, and it was made pretty clear that it won't be…
If Yakima Had A Mascot, What Should It Be? [POLL]
Apparently, the in thing to do nowadays is have a city mascot -- Longview just adopted the squirrel to represent them.
So what about getting a mascot for Yakima?
I think marijuana should be Yakima's city flower/plant and the mascot should be a coyote! I see more of them than any other a…
Does Yakima Valley Like To Drink Beer Or Wine? [POLL]
Holy moly! There is so much coming up this summer that has to do with hops and grapes. The Untapped Brews and Blues festival in Tri-Cities, Bike Nights in Yakima, Wine Divas, who do stuff in Tri-Cities and In Yakima, and a ton more. There are usually a ton of drinks to choose from, but wha…

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