C.S.I.: West Valley Investigates ‘Homicide’ [VIDEO]
Earlier today, I swung by my old (new!) high school in West Valley for an awards presentation. As I strode to the main entrance, I saw a number of people in white lab coats, armed with clipboards, cameras and other equipment surveying an area adjacent to front doors that had been cordoned off with y…
Yak Hack: How To Break Into A Locked Car
Surely, by now, you've heard of "life hacks." Since we're living in Yakima, Andy and I thought we'd present, as a public service, little helpful tips for those residing in our valley that may be useful.  Call it a "Yak Hack," if you will.
Get Buzzed! Yakima Aeromodelers Host R.C. Plane Event This Weekend
Approximately 40 to 60 pilots and nearly 200 remote control aircraft of all types have descended upon the valley to participate in the Yakima Valley Aeromodelers 27th annual Spring Opener. The event kicks off today and continues all weekend just outside of Zillah. It is free to attend and open to th…
Hear The Audio From Any Muted TV On Your Smartphone
I love going to the sports bar to watch my beloved Edmonton Oilers. My frustration, which I believe I share with anyone who's ever been to a sports bar or a coffee house or the airport and seen something interesting come on the screen is that you can't hear the sound because they usually m…

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