How Many People In Yakima Had An Ashley Madison Account?
Surely you've heard by now about the computer hackers that leaked Ashley Madison account information in a massive data dump. Politicians and celebrities alike are engaging in some serious damage-control mode as the world is learning about those who had accounts with the website that is dedicated to …
Watch 4th of July Fireworks Shows Across the U.S. With EarthCam
America’s birthday is just a few days away and the folks at EarthCam will be streaming live video of some of the biggest fireworks displays from sea to shining sea!
Why? Because... ‘Merica!
Not enough of a reason? Okay, think about how fun fireworks are... then multiply that by e…
How To Pick Up An Umbrella [VIDEO]
Last week, my washing machine crapped out on me.  Instead of calling a repairman or chucking the already refurbished unit I bought 10 years ago, I, like nearly 2/3's of young Americans, figured I could watch a "How To" video on YouTube.

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