Daily News States ‘Video Games Killed – Nobody’
Finally, a news media (other than radio) gets it right for once. As they have in the headline Video games killed - nobody.
I'm a huge gamer so I have a strong opinion on this and always have. I've always said it's an excuse; a way out of not taking the blame on yourself...
Pilot’s Path – Free App of the Day
Pilot's Path will normally set you back a couple of bucks. But thanks to the generous folks at Happymagenta, you can nab it gratis. Now that's a deal. Don't miss out on this a great opportunity to play this fun game for free! Pilot's Path -- today's Free App o…
Will You Buy a Big Screen TV In Time for the Super Bowl? [POLL]
Data compiled by the National Retail Federation shows that over 179 million people will be tuning into the Super Bowl on Sunday.  That figure represents the most ever.
Of those who watch the game, a whopping 7.5 million people will purchase a new television before the game which is up substantia…
The Cap Zappa Bottle Opening Cap Launcher
We've all tried to snap bottle caps at our friends and the majority of us are horrible and never know where the cap will end up. But now we're all on the same page with the new Bottle Opening Cap Launcher from Cap Zappa.
Put Your House Inside a Snowglobe!
I've always thought it would be cool to learn how to put a ship inside a bottle or have a personalized snow globe.
Thanks to technology, I can now no longer wonder what my house might look like inside a giant ball of glass with snowflakes floating about and you can too!
Don’t Fall for the Powerball Facebook Hoax
One of the foibles of all the technology and social media we have available to each and every one of us is that it is very easy to perpetuate a fraud.
Just like the one that is currently circulating on Facebook regarding Powerball winner Nolan Daniels.
OK Stupid, Time to Get Better at Online Dating
Online dating has become pretty standard practice these days, but many people still can't seem to master the art of the mating dance. Fortunately for us, this resulting Tumblr tag provides plenty of laughs, and also helps us know what not to say. Not that we need the help, or anything (we …

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