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Toys For Tots With USMC – They Need Volunteers & Toys
As always, we are a huge supporter of the United States Marine Corp and their toy drive they do every year since 1943! But they need our help because they have raised so many toys, they need people to help to fill the bags before they distribute them on December 19th!
Russell Wilson Carries a Handmade Wallet From Sick Girl
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is not only a great young player, he is also a tremendously giving person.
Recently, he visited sick kids at Seattle's Children's Hospital where he met an 11 year-old patient named Allison who was in desperate need of a heart transplant...
Pentagon Held “Phony” Ceremonys For Good Reason!
The Pentagon has admitted recently to holding phony ceremonies to welcome home the remains of Veterans who died or were captured in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Often the caskets were brought off of cargo planes that weren't even capable of flying (they were towed into place).  However..…

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