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Bird Sings Super Mario Bros’ Theme Song [VIDEO]
Saying a bird can sing or speak is like saying a dog can walk on two legs. Yes, they can, kind of, but not really. This bird, however, is about the coolest bird I've ever seen as he "sings" the Super Mario Brothers theme song.
8 Hot Video Games To Beg Santa For This Xmas
You’re excused if you’ve last track of all the marquee video games that have hit shelves in the past several weeks. Just like Tim Tebow, game publishers hold back their best stuff for the end. Even those of us who play and read about games constantly have trouble keep…
Video Games Might Be Warping Our Minds — Health Check
Is your kid hooked on video games? New research says simple brain-wiring may be to blame.
Brain scans conducted on 154 teenagers who played video games at least nine hours per week found the structure and activity in the part of the brain associated with reward processing was larger than in those who…

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