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Killer Instinct to Be an Xbox One Exclusive
The E3 is happening right now. You'll find a lot of news of upcoming games but one stand-out already was the annoucement of the new Killer Instinct game made exclusively for Xbox One. Here's the preview.
11 NES Games That Don’t Deserve the Nintendo Seal of Quality
If you look at most Nintendo games, from NES all the way to Wii-U, you may find this Nintendo Seal of Quality. It's something Nintendo does to prove approve all products for quality of the games and other accessories they release. There were a few NES games that must have slipped through and receive…
MOMA Video Game Exhibit — Go Here
When you think of New York's Museum of Modern Art, you probably imagine giant splatter paintings and jars of toenail clippings. Not your thing? No worries; they also have a new video game collection.
Using Virtual Reality to Simulate The Act of Being Beheaded [VIDEO]
The Oculus Rift is a VR headset that's about as close to those classic 'virtual reality' set-ups as we'll ever get. It started out as a kickstarter campaign and shattered it's goal so, sometime, in the near future, we may have an Oculus Rift as what we play our video games on.
Since it's all you can …

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