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Hendo’s Corner: Learn Yourself A Trade, Kids
One a busy Saturday afternoon I had a car full of groceries and lots to do before the evening arrived.
I had plans in Yakima later and had to ensure my kids had plenty or popcorn and ice cream for their evening hanging out with their aunt...
Blue “Slim Shady” Wanted In Richland
A funny thing happens when 'burb kids try and be gangsta - they fail miserably.
With an outfit straight outta Malibu's Most Wanted, the Richland Police Department is looking for a blue "Slim Shady" for shoplifting.

According to the Richland Police, they are seeking the indi…
Sarahah is the Newest Hot APP, Here’s The Scoop On It!
There's a new blazing app across Facebook these days and it's called Sarahah! It's an app that allows you to send anonymous messages to the user.
It's being pitched as an honest way to get feedback from co-workers, family and friends but there a few things you need to know to know…
Washington Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots Wife
We all know we have had thoughts of "accidentally" shooting someone that drives us crazy, like say a spouse.
For one Grant County Sheriff's deputy, actually shooting someone accidentally wasn't a laughing matter when he shot his wife a couple of days ago...
Wanna Be A NASA Scientist?
The United States has its very own solar eclipse coming and you could help NASA study the event.
In fact, NASA has created an app named "GLOBE" for your phone to enable "citizen scientists."
Calling the eclipse an opportunity for a nationwide science experiment, NASA has invited ec…

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