Yard Sale

Yakima’s Biggest Yard Sale Opens for Business May 13
You know it's spring when the yard sale signs start blooming all over town -- and the biggest one of all is about to pop!
It's Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale, coming Saturday, May 13, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Perry Technical Institute parking lot, 2011 W...
Rugs Really Tie The Room Together
Perhaps one of the best movies of all time was written about a man and his affection for his living room rug -- "The Big Lebowski." I mean, it really tied the room together.
This past weekend I underestimated the size of my new rug and over estimated the size of the car I was in.
In …
Spring Cleaning Time Is Here
I think every guy I know had delusions of grandeur this week about what was going to happen on Saturday.
I hope you were lucky enough to make it out to Dozer Day, and if you did, thanks! For those of you struggling with the flooding going on in our community, my prayers and thoughts are with you...
Yakima’s Cosmopolitan Flavor
All you have to do is look around Yakima and it's easy to feel like you've been transported to another country. Nationalities from all over the world call Yakima home. Canada, Latin America and Asia are all well represented. Now adding their culture to Yakima's cosmopolitan blend are …
Yard Sales In Yakima This Weekend Rocked!
Summer is coming to an end. It makes me sad because, I love the warm weather and I love yard sales! Every time I turned a corner on Saturday, August 13th, there was a yard sale! I came upon some fantastic deals but, one yard sale caught my eye. I wasn't just one yard sale, it was the entir…
First KATS Child Support Payout Goes to Granger
Let's be clear here: Annette Sampson isn't asking Tony Torres for any child support, and she doesn't owe any herself.
Still, the Granger couple say they'll find good use for the $1,000 they won Friday morning in KATS' cash contest, KATS WIll Pay Your Child Support...
Cool Things to Buy at a Yard Sale
It always amazes me what I find at a yard sale. My big brother actually found a sign once that was worth over a thousand bucks. He paid $2 at the yard sale. He can sell with the best of them, so he sold it for $1,500! He made $1,498 off that thing.