Sometimes people get together at Christmas with relatives that haven't seen in forever or maybe the in-laws that they really don't wanna see. Then you sit there and have absolutely nothing to talk about!! Well here are some ideas that might help out a little! You could have a lot of fun with these questions. Me, all my answers were very Naughty! HA Have fun!

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    What would the Ultimate Winter Wonderland look like?

    I think the Ultimate would be motorcycles that could ride in the snow with hot naked chicks and hot dudes riding around giving presents to each other! HA
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    If you had plenty of money how would you decorate your tree and the outside of your house? And, you wouldn't get in trouble with the cops?

    The light's from the Nudey Store come to mind! HA
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    Candy canes are traditional for the holidays but if you could do it your way, what would be the candy of choice for Christmas?

    Candy Cane, but she is busy!
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    If you could wrap your presents in anything other the wrapping paper what would you use?

    Hmm... I have a few things in mind!
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    If snow had a scent what scent would you like it to be?

    Some sort of juice! HA