I guess I just do not understand what is going on in this world. Is it not to much to ask for people to just get a job and buy there own stuff! Seriously! And to boot, steal from someone who is serving our country! UGH!Paul Irwin, 34,was relocating to St. Louis, Missouri from active duty to the reserves of the United States Coast Guard to be closer to his family according to the news story today in on ABCNEWS.com. [click link to see full news story].

He parked his U-Haul on a road in Seattle the night before he was getting ready to leave. Even his car was stolen. The found some of his possessions and his car but that's it!

This is an outrage! I wish people would just leave other people alone. Has anyone seen the movie 'The Purge' yet?

For 12 hours I would take part in this just to take out the people that did not respect our country and who serves!

On the lighter side, he did get back his fishing pole's which in my world is a good thing!

Start respecting those who serve our country! Please!