Full disclosure:  My wife is a "True Blood" junkie.  She has read all of the books and watches every episode multiple times.

Me?  Oh, sure, I'll stop and gaze at the screen momentarily when there is a boobie shot, but other than that, I'm content to continue to watch bad Mariners baseball, help out with the laundry, pay bills on-line or do cruel and unusual things to my dog with a fork.  And I don't even own a dog!

I have oft-described my wife as a "sports widow" - she has had to put up with unending and countless hours of sports on our t.v. while I become somewhat of an absentee husband.
Now the shoe is on the other foot.  when "True Blood" is on, I can forget about having a wife for the next hour!

Last night was the premiere of season 5.  My lovely bride, who was exhausted from hosting a house full of company over the weekend, neglected to watch it, which gives me an ample opportunity to leverage that for my own benefit!

If you watched last night and have any "spoliers" for me, PLEASE pass them along (toddlyons@townsquaremedia.com)!  I don't want to sit through an entire episode (especially since I have no idea what's going on!) but I do want to be able to tease her with some tidbits she may have missed!

Help a brother out!