While many questions remain unanswered in the Connecticut school shooting earlier today, I asked listeners to answer the following question:

"What's the first thing you will say to your child when they return home from school today?"

Here are some of the responses we got via our Facebook page:

My seven-year-old son Drew is a first-grader so this tragedy really affected me as many of the kids killed and injured in this tragedy are around the same age.

Here is what I posted on my personal Facebook page:

"A parent's worst nighmare... Having to bury a child.

Thoughts going out to law enforcement, EMT's, first responders and those who have to witness the carnage firsthand.

NO ONE should ever have to see something like that."

I surely will hug my boy extra tight when he returns home this afternoon and talk with him about it.  I suggest you do the same with your kids.

Photo: Todd E. Lyons, Esq./Townsquare Media