Craigslist Missed Connections crack me up! And this one tops them all.This guy see's a girl at our Downtown Summer Nights we do on 4th street every Thursday throughout the summer, likes her but then basically slams her on Missed Connections! Even if this guy is cool in real life, his statement on Craigslist is a real "Turn Off"!

Again I say, if you are going to post something on missed connections at least discribe the person that you want to find alittle better! Nose in the phone is about 150 million people in the world now-a-days! HA

Kate Turner Concert - m4w - 31 (Behind Capitol Theater)

Only noticed you toward the end of the concert. Blonde with hair up white top blue jean bottoms. Very pretty, but unfortunately you are missing out on life, as you are so busy texting that you don't even live in the moment. Sad way to live a life. I know you noticed me. So if anyone thinks about answering this, I'll only respond to the one that describes me.