Someone (probably me) left a Ritz cracker on our patio so the next morning it was covered with ants. My wife, on her way to a neighbors house with our kids, asked that I spray for ants as they were several of them. Being it was a Ritz cracker, I used the best thing I could think of to take care of the job.

A cracker is just a cracker until it's bathed in Easy Cheese, as far as I'm concerned.

I showed my wife the video right after I took it and she laughed so she had a good sense of humor about it. After I showed her the video, I, then, sprayed for ants and took care of it.

With guys and men in general you need to be specific or we'll do things our own way. "Hey, you said, "spray for ants," so I did. You didn't say what I could or couldn't use."

Do you still do things like this to annoy your wife?