One of the foibles of all the technology and social media we have available to each and every one of us is that it is very easy to perpetuate a fraud.

Just like the one that is currently circulating on Facebook regarding Powerball winner Nolan Daniels.
The great thing about the technology is that it is just as easy to debunk.

A person/entity going by the name of "Nolan Daniels" promised "Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 million dollars!"


Of course, much in the way we all rushed to buy a ticket on Wednesday, many are sharing the photo even though it is entirely not legitimate and is probably the first of many hoaxes that will occur until the real winners are identified.

It already has it's own entry on the great internet debunking site

P.T. Barnum is incorrectly credited with stating, "There's a sucker born every minute."  Whoever actually did coin the phrase may have underestimated.  In 24 hours, over 600,000 people have shared the photo.