Dear Eddie Van Halen,

My name is Kelly West and I am your biggest fan ever!  If you don't believe me ask anyone I know!

I have your Frankenstein tattooed on my arm to prove I am.

My wedding is not going to be the typical 'Love Shack' Music kinda wedding. It will be full of Van Halen, Styx, Queen, G -n- R and other real music.

But I thought, as a bonus, you could come and play any of your solos for me to walk down The isle which, by the way, is a dirt isle since I am getting married near the amazing Naches River!!

You could also stick around and play with the band I have called 'Powerhouse'!  I am almost positive that they would not mind!

Thank you very much Mr. Van Halen and I look forward to your response!! Rock On!

Kelly West

94.5 KATS

PS My wedding is June 15th in Naches, WA!