Kelly West

I will never forget being on air in Billings, Montana in June of 2002 when our radio station got an Amber Alert that a 15 year old child had been abducted from Utah.  Since we were so close to Utah and Wyoming we would always get updates. It was my very first time in my radio career that I had to give an Amber Alert over the air. When I learned how old she was on how she was abducted I freaked out being a mom of a child about the same age.  Today I got to meet the lovely girl that had her life ripped away from her for 9 months.  I Have seen a lot of speakers and have interviewed a lot of people over my life time but to hear her speak today moved me more than any one ever has.   Her strength today while watching her speak and tell us the story that only she could tell was incredible.  One of the best experiences of my life.  She came to speak on the point of being abused. YWCA helps woman out everyday with some sort of an abused situation.   They Raised a ton of money today because of her compelling story and you can help to. Log on to and go check out the rest of her story and how you can help!