There is always something that keeps our brains working and wound up and Facebook is no exception for that! I found this on Facebook and laughed my Face-book off! But he or she does raise some interesting questions!Facebook also has most people's personal information and where to get a hold of them even as far as where a person lives.  There is an app on Facebook for everything! Checking In, Playing Games and Checking in from them, where pictures were taken ect.

On Facebook I do not have to much personal information in fact I don't even put my real name and I very rarely post pictures of my kids. However I do have a few but they are not to incriminating at all. I really don't put pictures of them on there in fear of a Psycho freak getting a hold of them, not Facebook or the government.

This post that I found is certainly a conspiracy theorist point of view on Facebook!

I am leaving Facebook for good!!! we all know, fb is linked with the government...instead of developing their own social network they just took over an existing one to track, monitor, & identify Americans, especially ones that are NOT on board with what the government is trying to do in taking our rights away to make a one world order. No more right to bear arms, no more freedom of speech, no more equal rights, no more right to privacy...we are now in a cash less society. Laws have changed to bankrupt americans, but the laws have also been changed so Americans are unable to find relief of such debt. The Government wants us to become communists & depend on them for everything...the President now has the authority to have ANY American that goes against i have seen several of my friends post that fb has sent out cease & desist notices about making negative comments about the President, his policies, or fb, or your acct will be limited or deactivated...I have read & heard all this before, in the book of Revelation in my Bible. I realize it may be destiny, but I don't have to go along with it...I will be closing my fb account on Saturday for good...if any one wants to get ahold of me after that, you will have to call or text me...message me for my Phone number...



Do you think Facebook and the Goverment are in Kahoots or is it really for fun? What do you think