No, No, No, No, NO! Why did you click on this? You know these are all spams and hacks and ways for others to access your stuff - your personal business.

Facebook is full of things like this but with a careful eye, you can avoid all of these nuisances with this simple test.

Don't click on stuff - Tada! Abstinence works for both people and the internet. If you don't want strangers all up in your businesses, don't click on stuff you don't trust 100% sure fire way. I know, you can't help it, and sometimes the news stories are legit. If it's a link from, say, KATS or KIMA or Huffington Post, you'll see the story links to that website so you're good to go. Most come from friends when, if they click on one of these stories, it doesn't take them anywhere and also automatically shares the same link on your wall; inviting others to get hacked. Simple enough, if you do happen to click on something and it doesn't take you straight to that story, but instead takes you to another facebook page asking you to do anything, it doesn't matter, what (take a survey, share a link, click on more links), just back out, go to your profile and delete it from your profile wall.

Post-Breaking News links are the most tempting. I can only imagine a bunch of people just waiting for stuff do happen. A few moments after Amy Winehouse died, there was a hack-link that was titled something like "Amy Winehouse on Crack just before she died". Soon as something buzzworthy happens, be extra careful of those links, again, unless from a trusted source. The Osama Death pics was probably the biggest one in recent history.

Always important to look where the story is linking to below it's headline. If it says something weird like - yeah, probably not so much.

A Facebook page you might think of liking is FaceCrooks and their website where they find these out to let you know if they're legit or not. More often than not, it's a hack.

What I always do? Find that story (ie. the spider under the skin) and do a google search for it. Something this big should be all over the internet, CNN, Medical Research. But, no, it'll probably show up with a bunch of blogs and message boards of kids saying "I clicked on a link and now my Facebook is hacked." Just keep it smart and safe and you'll be fine.