Let me paint for you the scenario that I'm sure you're familiar with. You're running around frantically looking for your next key which opens up the room you need to go into. You have your knife, gun, bullets, ink ribbon and maybe a couple of items that you think you'll need. You find a green herb which is great as you'll need it later. Along the way, in an unfamiliar area, you find a shotgun with shells. This will work wonderfully as you take on hoards of zombies. You finally find the key you need to advance only to give you the message that your inventory is full.

This is one of our biggest gripes with the Resident Evil games. They don't give you enough room to carry everything. We understand it is more realistic this way You shouldn't be able to carry six weapons, four medallions, 12 keys and enough green herb that people think you're on your way to a Damien Marley concert. It would be nice if items like Ink Ribbon didn't need to take up inventory slots. This game taught us to survive with the tools we have and make do with what's available. If that means allowing a zombie to grab hold of you to shove it down and stomp on its face, so be it. It's just that using your Magnum at point blank range is so much more fun.